Ocuele handmade crossbody bag

A collection of handcrafted crossbody bags produced in minimal runs. We are driven by the need to see a change around fast, unethical and unsustainable consumerism.

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Hey there! I'm Helen, the creator of Ocuele, a brand born out of sheer necessity. Living the coastal dream, I found myself constantly juggling my phone, glasses, and daily essentials. That's when the lightbulb moment struck!

Picture this: a handcrafted haven for your glasses, a snug spot for your smartphone, and nifty pockets for your daily must-haves – lip gloss, keys, cards, and cash. My handmade leather crossbody bags, crafted with love in India, aren't just accessories; they're a solution to life's little chaos.

But it's not just about the bags; it's a vibe. I weave sustainability into every stitch, with recycled cotton lining and eco-friendly packaging – no plastic allowed. Where style meets necessity, and Ocuele becomes your go-to for a dash of functionality with a dose of eco-fabulousness!

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